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From a Contact Center to a Profit Center Era ... How to do it?

A greater focus on customer experience is driving businesses into a new era for contact centers— where global teams of agents are empowered by technology to maximize their profitability, productivity, delight customers, and create competitive differentiation.

The contact center is often the first or most urgent of your customer touch points, and acts as a 24/7 global face and voice of the company. As such, companies are increasingly finding ways to incorporate contact centers into the broader customer experience, transforming them into profit centers and ensuring they reflect the company's values, messaging and service commitment.

To meet these needs effectively and securely, companies are employing rapidly growing global fleets of both centralized and remote workers. In the following pages, we'll show you how AWS and In2Clouds consulting services can help you find the answers to these questions and create a contact center that meets your needs.



// 1. Model development

Develop the channel model to meet customer expectations and cost/benefit implications. Analyze current customer situation and channel trends to identify opportunity gaps.

// 3. Solutions

Develop practical solutions to support future customer strategy. (experience delivery, marketing, customer education, technology leverage, organizational barriers, etc.).

// 2. Segmentation

Understand the customer expectation segment to satisfy services and interaction tools. Explore customer adaptability and strategies to achieve commercial gaps.

// 4. Implementation

Implement the action plan to meet strategic objectives. Considering impact and deliverability: customer readiness, investment/benefit urgency, cost savings impact, etc.

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Meeting today’s toughest contact center challenges

Let’s take a look at some common challenges your contact center is likely facing—and examine how AWS and In2Cloud can help solve them.


You must find ways to stop spending large amounts of money on Licensing and inefficient Agent performance that affect your bottom line and generate low business impact


You need to support both centralized and decentralized agents across remote and hybrid work environments. And your contact center capabilities must dynamically scale to meet customer demand and prevent long wait times.


You must increasingly find ways to enable contact center agents to delight your customers and maximize their productivity—while also improving employee satisfaction to limit costly turnover.


To secure buy-in from decision-makers at your company, your contact center will need to pursue the goals of contact center efficiency in ways that limit spending and licensing costs.


Your contact center must safeguard data against accidental or malicious exposure, protect personally identifiable information (PII), and meet regulatory and compliance requirements—even as its footprint expands 5 across new global locations and agent devices.

4 evaluation essentials in our Business Consultancy Model

Implementing a cloud-based contact center solution can help a business realize significant capital and operational savings making them more Profitable. For business owners thinking about using these Consultancy Model, there are four essential considerations to begin the process.

1. Technology evaluation

Every organization’s contact center will ultimately depend on its specific customers, its existing capabilities, and its current technology environment. Amazon Connect, and In2Clouds can assist you with his methodology for evaluating your current technology, company’s needs and finding out how the product integrates with existing technology simple, fast and effectively.

2. Proof of concept

An AWS Solutions Architect in conjunction with In2Clouds, we can help a run business test the service’s features for proof of concept. It’s a good idea to involve a company’s in-house telephony team, which can take part in the process after just a few hours of training and experimentation.

3. Third-party integration

Amazon Connect is an open platform, which means integrating AWS services or third-party systems such as CRM or anti-fraud software is an option. For example, Amazon S3 can store call recordings, which Amazon Transcribe can convert to text based on channels. Amazon Comprehend can then run a sentiment analysis of the transcripts.

AWS analytics services such as Amazon Athena can analyze contact data in seconds using standard queries. AWS Lambda serverless technology can trigger workflows and provide task-based prompts to help customer service representatives adapt to customer needs.

With AWS consulting and In2Clouds you can integrate other services with Amazon Connect. This includes sales and service (CRM), messaging, unified communications, mapping, location, workforce management, fraud detection and speech analytics, and sentiment analysis services.

4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning optimization

Artificial Amazon Connect is AI-enabled by default, allowing agents to immediately use AWS AI services with Amazon Connect to automate interactions and improve customer service experience. This allows small and medium- sized businesses to do more with fewer resources.

Amazon Connect has natural text-to-speech built in so you can create personalized messages in real time and Amazon Lex is an Amazon service that builds conversational interfaces into any application with speech-to-text and natural language understanding (NLU). So you can use the same powerful technology that powers Alexa across voice and chat, helping to ease the handoff between agents with the context of the conversation.

Amazon Connect also leverages AI to transcribe calls and show caller sentiment in real time and then mine your customer engagement data to surface insights and spot trends.

Ready to jump to the new Contact Center Profit Era?

We guide small and medium-sized businesses how to drive proactive customer journey change, designed the Roadmap that better fits you.

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